DSO Bělá
DSO Bělá


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Microregion Bělá - Czech Republic 

Microregion Bělá is located in the Hradec Králové Region, where it has been operating since 1999. Its members are 5 municipalities with 5 600 inhabitants. Its main work includes coordinated development of the territory and cooperation with other entities within the Czech Republic and the EU.

Microregion Klátovské rameno - Slovak Republic

The micro-region is located in the south-eastern part of Slovakia in the Trnava self-governing region. It was founded in 2004. Its members are 12 municipalities with 16 300 inhabitants. The activities of the micro-region are focused on coordinated development of the territory and cooperation between the municipalities as well as on cross-border cooperation with Hungarian partners.

Gmina Klodzko - Poland 

The territory of the Klodzko Municipality consists of 32 municipalities and the Municipality provides basic service activities to these municipalities. Gmina Klodzko has 17 050 inhabitants and is interested in pan-European cooperation, which is confirmed by participation in this project.

Municipality of Tényö - Hungary

The municipality is located in the northern part of Hungary close to the Slovak border. It has 1530 inhabitants and the development of the municipality includes international cooperation and the application of foreign experience.

The project "Same problems, different solutions".
The purpose of the project is to highlight the role of associations in the development of municipalities, their funding by the municipalities and the search for space for their activities in the municipalities. The implementation of both local meetings and V4 partner meetings will create a space for monitoring of the above requirements and especially the possibility of transferring sample experiences of well implemented projects of associations from the territory of individual project partners and their possible implementation in the territory of other partners. 
We want to take several steps towards this goal. First of all, we will monitor the situation in the regions of the individual partners and identify exemplary approaches of mutual cooperation between associations and municipalities. At the next two working meetings in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with one-day visits to Poland and Hungary, we want to discuss the positives of cooperation between different types of associations and municipalities, with the possibility of adapting these outcomes to local conditions and implementing them in the countries of other partners.
We would like to inform the associations and municipalities from all partner territories about the results of these meetings in the form of an electronic brochure.



Visegrad Fund

Visegrad Fund


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